Visionaries are the creators of Dreams!

Meet BixAR!

Meet BixAR!

BixAR releases most of his work for free under a license called Creative Commons Attribution. This lets other people use it, FOR FREE AND FOR ANY PURPOSE, in their own stuff - as long as appropriate credit is given. And that makes him a Visionary! There are thousands of hugely talented Visionaries, just like BixAR, and you can check out their work by entering a search term below!



This not only ensures that we can add new and exciting reward types to our games and apps, but it also means that new and exciting projects can create their own presence inside Me Traverse.

Inflate Thought Bubbles

Thought Bubbles are spherical containers that are ready to be filled with the Visions of creators! And when Thought and Vision are combined, Dreams are created! One Bixium will increase the volume of a Thought Bubble Thought by 1m³, and the size of the Thought Bubble dictates the size of the Vision it can contain.

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Exchange To Crypto

GPS is an eco-friendly, proof-of-stake blockchain, that is run, and operated by Jelurida on their Ardor network. Bixium can be exchanged to GPS Tokens at the rate of 1:1.

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Reward 3D Creators

Any 3D model that's been released under the Creative Commons Attribution ‘CC BY 4.0’ can be placed into empty Thought Bubbles to create a Dream. When this happens, the Bixium that created the original Thought Bubble is transferred to the original creator of the 3D model - and the best part is that it's done automatically!

Rewarding 3D Creators

Enhanced Triffic Scanning

Triffic is designed to never require any form of payment to earn rewards, and the more you play, the more powerful it becomes. Use the Bixium that you find to power-up, and get find more!

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Create Game Assets

Several different classes of asset appear in Me Traverse games, and Bixium will let you create your own, each with unique stats and abilities.

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