The Triffic Metraverse is an expansive project that uses a lot of its own terminology, but don't worry, we created the Triffictionary. It's like a dictionary, except specific to Triffic! So whenever you want to learn more about the Triffic Metraverse, this is the page to visit.

  • Bixer

    The mustachioed and balding, yet unassuming discoverer of Brixium. Bixer has a penchant for wearing underpants, and was once voted third sexiest man on his cul-de-sac.


    A gloopy clay-like substance that is found inside Shards. Brixium was originally discovered by Bixer while digging in his garden. Brixium can either be exchanged for GPS Tokens at the rate of 1:1, or used to terraform new land in the Metraverse Beginnings App.

    Game Asset

    An improvement that you can add to your space in Metraverse Beginnings. Game Assets are strictly limited edition, and are secured on the GPS Chain. The only way that game assets are created is by being won in the weekly competitions on the Triffic Journeys App. Only once they have been acquired in this way, can they be traded on the Game Asset Bazaar.

    Game Asset Bazaar

    A web-based exchange that allows inhabitants of the Triffic Metraverse to trade the Game Assets they've acquired from using the Triffic Journeys App. Approx Release: Mid 2023.

    Game Asset Credit

    During the early stages of the Triffic Metraverse, Game Asset Credits are issued to the winners of our weekly Shard Contests, in lieu of actual game assets. Game Asset Credits are primarily designed for early birds to the Triffic Metraverse, who want a head start over other users.

    GPS Chain Wallet

    The GPS Chain Wallet is a mobile app that is the successor to the GPS.ECO Wallet, and it provides an easy way for people to manage their tokens and assets on the GPS Chain. You need to link your GPS Chain Wallet to your Triffic Metraverse account before you can make use of it.
    Approx Release: Early/Mid 2023

    GPS Token

    As well as being a fully fledged cryptocurrency that's currently being traded on Probit, and the Ardor Decentralized Exchange, GPS Tokens will also used for various other elements in the Triffic Metraverse.


    The patch of land that you receive when you initially join Metraverse Beginnings. A Homestead isn't much, but it provides you with the firm foundations you need to start building.

    Metraverse Beginnings

    Metraverse Beginnings is a mobile app that starts you off with a small Homestead in the Triffic Metraverse, and lets you take the Brixium and Game Asset that you collected in Triffic Journeys, and use them to increase your happiness, and environment.
    Approx Release: Mid 2023


    Shards are the new name for Beacons, and they appear on the game map of the Triffic Journeys App. Visiting the physical locations and scanning the ground with makes them appear in augmented reality, whereupon they can be collected.

    Triffic Journeys

    Triffic Journeys is a mobile app that is the successor to Triffic. Search the real world for augmented reality Shards, which contain Brixium, and take part in weekly competitions to win Game Assets.
    Approx Release: Early 2023