Triffic Journeys

Triffic Journeys turns the real-world into an interactive treasure map that rewards you in multiple exciting ways. Explore your locality to find GPS Tokens, rare game assets, and awesome offers hidden in familiar, and not so familiar, places. Triffic Journeys is ridiculously easy to use, has zero learning curve, and requires no lifestyle changes whatsoever.

Get Rewarded, And Get Healthy Too!

Triffic Journeys Is A Two Stage Project

Because Triffic Journeys and Metraverse Beginnings are being developed simultaneously, some features of each app are interdependent. Therefore, Triffic Journeys will be released in two stages. Stage One, expected in February 2023, and Stage Two, which will be released later this year, after the initial release of Metraverse Beginnings.

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  • Stage One
  • Stage Two
  • Rewards Delivered In Augmented Reality By Man Wearing Underpants

    Many games promise rewards, but only Triffic Journeys has a balding, yet mustachioed, man of indeterminate middle age delivering them to you in a pair of figure-hugging tightey-whiteys that accentuate the firmness of his buttocks.

  • Reward Shards Containing Tons Of Cool Stuff

    Reward Shards can be collected by physically visiting their locations on the Triffic Journeys game map. Upon arriving in the vicinity, the app enters 'detection mode', allowing the player to search the area in augmented reality. As well as containing Bixium rewards, each Reward Shard is a single fragment of a Triffic Metraverse game asset. And some are rarer, and more valuable, than others. Collect enough Shards of a particular asset, you become the owner! LEARN MORE

  • Bixium -

    Bixium is found inside Reward Shards, and can either be exchanged directly for GPS Tokens, the cryptocurrency that powers the Triffic Metraverse, or used to terraform land in the upcoming Metraverse Dioramas app. LEARN MORE

  • Weekly Contests

    During release Stage One, players will be searching for bronze, silver, and gold Reward Shards. As well as receiving Bixium rewards, players will also receive between one and seven points for each one that they find, and each week, the leaderboards are updated, and hundreds of excellent prizes are awarded to participants. LEARN MORE

  • Game Asset Airdrops

  • An App For Early Adopters

    Stage One is simply about making sure that early-birds to the Triffic Metraverse can get a major headstart by collecting Bixium and other resources in preparation for the release of Metraverse Dioramas. Stage One might not look like the prettiest thing out there, but check out whats around the corner for Stage Two!

  • Awesome New 3D Game Engine

    Yeah, we know that using Google Maps made Stage One of Triffic Journeys look boring, but it served its purpose, and allowed our early users to get a headstart while they wait for Metraverse Dioramas! But check out our custom-made, fully-interactive 3D engine that literally turns your local area into a living, breathing, piece of the Triffic Metraverse, and allows you to find a hugely expanded range of rewards and prizes with your buddy Bixer! It's coming in Stage Two!

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