Coming In Early 2023

Triffic Journeys

All journeys begin with a single step, and Triffic Journeys takes the original concept of Triffic to a whole new level. Explore the real-world, where familiar streets become full of a valuable resource called Brixium, that can either exchanged directly for GPS Tokens, our blockchain rewards currency, or used for terraforming in the upcoming Metraverse Beginnings app.

Success Is A Journey, Not A Destination!

Triffic Is Becoming Triffic Journeys

Turn The World Into A Treasure Map

Whereas our original Triffic App let people collect 'Triffic Miles' by searching their local areas, Triffic Journeys now has people hunting for 'Brixium', a gloopy clay-like resource that can either be exchanged for GPS Tokens, or used for terraforming in the upcoming Metraverse Beginnings app.

Existing Triffic Miles balances will be auto-converted into Brixium (1:1).

Triffic Miles Have Been Renamed

Introducing Brixium

Back in the day, land creation was quite complicated, which was why the process was mostly restricted to Gods who tended to know all about this stuff. All that changed when Bixer, a mustachioed, yet balding and unassuming man, who was digging in his back garden, noticed something strange in the ground...

I remember thinking "That's not a turnip, it's a clay-like substance!"

I dug a little deeper and, to my surprise, I found lots more of this clay-like stuff buried beneath the soil.

It was like a treasure trove, but instead of gold and jewels, it was filled with clay!

I couldn't help but laugh at the absurdity of it all.

Why would there be magical clay-like gloop underneath the soil?



I racked my brain, trying to come up with a reasonable explanation.

Maybe it was from some ancient ritual, or perhaps it was a message from the universe, trying to tell me something?

Two things were certain. This needed some further investigation, and I needed to put on a pair of underpants!

The more of this stuff I found, the more powerful I became.

My mind became clear, my body became adonis-like, my spirit attained enlightenment, and even my standard-issue y-front underpants became this sexy buttock-hugging g-string that you see here.

On the grand scheme of things, I realised this was much more fulfilling than turnips!

This incredible substance, I decided to call 'Brixium'. And with a bit of imagination, you can upgrade your humble Homestead into whatever your heart desires.

Brixium can also be exchanged 1:1 for GPS Tokens!

Beacons Are Now Called Shards

Brixium Is Found In Augmented Reality Shards

Shards are just like Beacons, in that you visit their locations on the map, and scan the vicinity until they appear on the screen in awesome augmented reality, ready for you to collect the contents.

Shards are also little fragments of Game Assets, and because Game Assets are needed to upgrade your Homestead in the upcoming Metraverse Beginnings App, you need to collect as many as you can!

If You Collect Enough Shards, You Win The Associated Game Asset!

All Game Assets Are Limited Edition

Game Assets Are 100% Owned By You!

Triffic users already know that you can find Bronze, Silver and Gold Shards (née Beacons) in your local area, but now you have twice the reason to hunt, because starting from Monday, 30 Jan 2023, collecting Shards also means that you have the chance of winning super-cool, limited edition Game Assets.

We want our users to get a head start, and so, from Monday January 30, we're starting phase one of our Game Asset contests which allow Triffic Journeys players to earn special IOU Assets which can be swapped for real Game Assets once the Metraverse Beginnings App is publicly launched.

Weekly Contests Starting On Jan 30, 2023!

Triffic Journeys Is 90% Complete

Development of Triffic Journeys is on schedule for a release in early 2023. Here is a list of upcoming milestone releases that will ensure that our loyal users can transition from Triffic, to life in the expanded Triffic Metraverse with ease! Please note that this is categorically NOT a roadmap or timeline!

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  • Triffic Journeys Public Launch

    Triffic will be relaunched as Triffic Journeys. The major difference in this release will be that our users are no longer searching for Triffic Miles inside Beacons - they're now searching for Brixium inside Shards. For all intents and purposes, it's the same thing, but with a different name. Also, we will be introducing the first Asset Contests into Triffic Journeys, which allow our users to earn special IOU Assets that can be exchanged to Game Assets once the feature has launched.


    We're just waiting for the dust to clear from the GPS Token airdrop on 16th January. We don't want the change from Triffic Miles to Brixium to cause any form of confusion.


  • Asset Contests Stage Two

    The Asset Contests in Triffic Journeys will be improved so that our players can hunt for actual limited edition Game Assets, instead of IOU Assets. This will also allow us to create competitions and tournaments on-the-fly.


    We need to update the GPS Chain wallet so that it will display game assets that have been discovered by our users.


  • Maps Upgrade

    Yeah, we know that the current version of Triffic uses Google Maps, and it's not exactly appealing to the eye, but the great news is that we have completely re-engineered our mapping component, and as well as looking cool, it also gives us the ability to do so much more!

    Roads and buildings are generated, on-the-fly, using publicly available data from the OpenStreetMap project, and we're also implementing stuff like local weather, and other features designed to make Shard Hunting fun, and as realistic as possible.


    While we would love to implement this into Triffic Journeys immediately, we need to get the Sharding and Game Assets components finished first.