Scan your local area for Bixium and other rewards!

Triffic makes it easy and fun to find Bixium!

Triffic makes it easy and fun to find Bixium!

Find deposits of Bixium, by using Triffic to scan your local area. Visit the locations, and compete with others for even more rewards! Simply download the app for iOS or Android, turn it on, and let Bixer guide you to the good stuff!

Our beta users get to experience all the new features before anybody else, meaning that they get a head start with Me Traverse Gaming!

Approaching end-of-life, Triffic 2.0 will be retired upon the public release of version 3.0.

3.0.0 (26) - 20 APRIL 2023
Apple has finally approved the beta of Triffic 3.0.0, and it is now available to download from Testflight.

3.0.0 (21) - 3 APRIL 2023
Triffic iOS and Android submitted to beta programs of respective app stores.

I was well aware…

…that not everybody shared my passion for digging turnips, and that's why I made it my life's mission to make it easy for you guys to find Bixium, so I set to work on the prototype.

Luckily, my two-bedroomed terraced house came equipped with a nuclear bunker, 2km beneath the outside toilet. Previously used for turnip storage, its familiar musk provided me with an optimal environment for my creativity.

I wanted the scanner to be simple to use, and that's why it auto-detects all Bixium deposits within a two kilometer radius.

I also wanted Triffic to be cheap to run and that's why it's powered by Bixium!

It's also upgradable. I found this power-up and can now grab Brixium from further away, like behind walls, or private property!

You'll also see mystery icons on the map. That means that your Triffic scanner isn\t powerful enough to reveal them, so you need to play more!

…alternatively, a couple of Bixium will reveal the rewards within!

As well as a reward in itself, Bixium also forms fragments of larger, more valuable rewards!

Game assets like these can be used in any Metraverse game, including the upcoming Bixerlands…

…or they can be sold to other players in the Imaginarium!

You can use Bixium for a growing amount of stuff too!

For example, these are Thought Bubbles… more on them later!

You can even convert Bixium to GPS Tokens, our dedicated cryptocurrency!

We've only just begun to discover the uses of Bixium, but you need Triffic to acquire it!

Every Monday, Triffic receives a top-secret update from Bixers underground bunker, and configures itself to detect brand new game assets in your local area.

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