TRIFFIC is the name of our original app, and it allows players to explore their local area and collect beacons containing Triffic Miles and cool power-ups. It even has its own dedicated blockchain called GPS!

Full Metraverse Compatibility

Of course we will always support our GPS Chain that is operated, and maintained by Jelurida, on our behalf, but the TRIFFIC App will undergo some serious changes to fully integrate it into the Metraverse. As well as getting rid of the ugly Google Map-based interface, in favor of the same beautiful, and vibrant 3D maps we’re using in the main Metraverse App, we will be implementing the ability to find BRIXIUM, MIXIUM and CITIZENS – all of which can be used inside the main Metraverse App.

GPS Wallet Sundown

Our valued GPS Chain partner JELURIDA have released their roadmap that promises the public release of the long-awaited Ardor 3.0 in Q3 or Q4 of 2022. With this in mind, we have decided to retire the dedicated GPS Wallet app, which was based on Ardor 2.0, in favour of JELURIDA's OFFICIAL WALLET. However, from the TRIFFIC App, nobody will notice any changes when it comes to cashing out their GPS Tokens!

Securing Accounts

As of July 1st 2022, and in line with the retirement of the GPS Wallet, we will be ending our Discord service which helped individuals to secure their accounts. This responsibility will now be entrusted to JELURIDA.