Attracting Tourists

Once a Metrapreneur has received a LAND DEED NFT, they receive an address that allows anybody to visit his personal part of the Metraverse and gaze in awe at the wondrous delights within.

How Does It Work?

Tourists can access Metraverse land directly from the web, or via the app, and each time somebody passes through the border gates, both the landowner, and the tourist, receive a reward of BRIXIUM, MIXIUM, or CITIZENS! Typically, a tourist would learn about a Metraverse via the landowner's personal address, which would normally be promoted as a link via normal social media channels.

Step One

Visit The Land

If the tourist has not yet become a Metrapreneur, they are immediately asked if they want to be rewarded for exploring the land. Selecting ‘Yes’ will register them with the service, allowing them to collect rewards, and selecting ‘No’ will still allow them to explore the land, but it will go unrewarded.

Step Two

Start Exploring

After entering somebodys personal part of the Metraverse, the tourist can see it in all its beauty, and earn BRIXIUM, MIXIUM, and CITIZEN rewards, each time he visits a STRUCTURE. The tourist can then put these rewards towards his own piece of the Metraverse.

Step Three

Get Rewarded

After the tourist ends their vacation, the landowner is notified that they had a visitor come to stay, together with the total amount of BRIXIUM, MIXIUM, and CITIZEN that they claimed. The landowner is then automatically awarded exactly the same amount too!

Tourism is a great way for potential Metrapreneurs to get their first taste of the Metraverse and earn their first rewards, and it's also an amazing way for landowners to earn BRIXIUM, MIXIUM, and CITIZEN. Of course, like any tourist destination, the more unique it looks, and the better promoted it is, the more attactive it is to potential visitors.