Building Structures

BRIXIUM also allows Metrapreneurs to produce STRUCTURES, which can be added to Metraverse land in order to increase the daily METRAPOD generation rate, and each will produce a different type of METRAPOD. STRUCTURES all start at level one, and can be upgraded up to level five by adding more BRIXIUM. Upgraded STRUCTURES produce more daily METRAPODS, but they lose half their METRAPOD generation ability every 30 days, until the land is stabilized with the addition of MIXIUM.


Produces Brixium

Industrial STRUCTURES produce BRIXIUM, meaning that Metrapreneurs can acquire more land, or build more STRUCTURES whenever they want to increase their METRAPOD generation rate.


Produces Mixium

Ensuring a good, and constant, supply of MIXIUM is essential for making sure that structures keep generating METRAPODS and don't fall into a state of disrepair.


Produces Citizens

CITIZENS are the workhorses of the Metraverse, and they harvest METRAPODS in the background, meaning that Metrapreneurs can earn rewards on autopilot.