Development Roadmap

Our development roadmap has been split into two main projects, Metraverse Core, and Extended Metraverse.


Metraverse Core

The Metraverse Core is what controls all of the geo-location, mapping, augmented reality, and METRAPOD distribution. It is the base requirement of both the Metraverse, and the TRIFFIC, app branches.

Augmented Reality And Maps Upgrade

Standardizing the A.R. and map components with Unity instead of relying on native iOS/Android formats, will eliminate discrepancies between the two. In addition, moving away from Google Maps means we can provide a beautiful, and immersive, 3D experience.

Polygon Smart Contracts

The LAND DEED NFT smart contracts will be developed on the Polygon blockchain to account for the generation of FIXIUM staking tokens. All smart contracts will be fully audited before going live.

Real-Time Fraud Detection

The existing TRIFFIC App features a plethora of effective fraud detection checks that kick in at the time the user tries to convert their in-app tokens. The system will be upgraded significantly to include real-time detection of suspicious account usage.

Metrapod Distribution Algo

The new distribution algorithm will also offer significant improvements on the number, and types of METRAPODS available to our players, to ensure that everybody has an equal opportunity to earn revenues.

Location-Based Airdrop

Whereas the Metrapod distribution algorithm handles METRAPOD distribution on a global basis, location-based airdrops will allow the pinpointing of METRAPODS to within 10 meters of any location on the planet.


Extended Metraverse

The supporting ecosystem built around the Metraverse, including NFT SHARDING, METRASTORE, and the implementation of Ardor 3.0 directly into TRIFFIC.

NFT Sharding

This will allow NFTs on all popular blockchains to be effectively split into pieces and distributed around the world. It makes use of the smart contracts from Stage One to make sure the original NFT is safe, secure, and untouched.

Triffic 3.0

The main TRIFFIC App will be updated to reflect the new Metraverse core. In addition, upon the public release of Ardor 3.0, the GPS CHAIN wallet will be fully integrated into the main TRIFFIC app, meaning that users are not required to download a secondary wallet.


A web, and app-based shop will allow FIXIUM and GPS CHAIN holders to purchase a load of cool items and assets that will help Metrapreneurs increase their rewards and hunting abilities.


3D designers will be able to monetize their creations in three very exciting, and unique ways that can be tailored for each type of model.