NFT Sharding

We are fully committed to the concept of an ’open metaverse’, and we believe that NFTs and assets that people who have acquired owned assets in any game should be usable wherever they like. Metraverse makes it easy for NFT owners to monetize their non-fungible assets by splitting them into Shards.

NFT Shards, eh? Tell me more!

NFT Sharding is a unique feature in Metraverse that allows owners to earn rewards from their NFTs by effectively shattering them and placing the parts into METRAPODS which are then scattered around the world, ready for Metrapreneurs to find. NFT Sharding is perfectly safe, and there is zero risk to your precious NFT!

Step One

The Metrapreneur sends an NFT to the Metraverse platform and chooses the length of time that it should be staked for.

Step Two

It’s now time to choose whether it will be sharded into METRAPODS that contain BRIXIUM, MIXIUM, or a percentage split between the two.

Step Three

The Metrapreneur clicks the SHATTER AND SCATTER button, and the METRAPODS are generated and distributed around the world.

Step Four

Each time that a Metrapreneur finds a shard inside a Metrapod, the NFT owner is automatically credited too!

Sharding is perfect for owners who want to hold their NFTs, as opposed to people who want to quickly flip them on the market, because at the end of the staking period, the NFT is unlocked, and returned back to the owner.