Coming In Mid 2023

Metraverse Beginnings

Home is where your story begins. It feels good to leave, and better to return!

Starting with just a small patch of virtual land, Metraverse Beginnings takes the Brixium and the blockchain-secured Game Assets that you discovered in Triffic Journeys, or purchased for GPS Tokens from the Game Asset Bazaar, and puts them to use.

The goal is to be happy, fulfilled, and a positive influence on your environment.

Everybody Is Created Equal

In The Beginning...

New inhabitants of Metraverse Beginnings are given a small patch of land called a 'Homestead'. It isn't much, but it lets you put down some virtual roots in the Triffic Metraverse. Inhabitants can improve their Homesteads by discovering Game Assets in the Triffic Journeys app, or by purchasing them with GPS Tokens in the upcoming Game Asset Bazaar.

With each new addition you make to your Homestead, your 'Happiness' rating, and your 'Environment' rating will rise, or fall accordingly, and so you need a fair balance of both to progress in the game.

Acquire more land with Brixium!

In the same way that Brixium can be exchanged for GPS Tokens, you can also use it to purchase more land.

What Is Ordinary To Some, Is Priceless To Others

Value Comes From Appreciation

Your most valuable possessions are the ones related to your own personal experiences and memories, and just like in real life, the stuff that you own can be simultaneously beneficial, and a hazard. For example, a huge car might be a super-comfortable ride, but if it guzzles gas, then the environment around you will pay the price. Likewise, the way that you feel is a reflection on how you treat yourself.

Everything you do in Metraverse Beginnings affects you and your surroundings.

How Game Assets Work

Your Stuff Says A Lot About Who You Are

Some people form shallow attachments to hundreds of possessions, while others form deep attachments to few. The commonality is that these attachments are a reflection on who we are as people - and the same is true in Metraverse Beginnings.

Each Game Asset is rated from -100 to +100 on the following criteria:

  1. MIND
    - The more intellectually stimulating, the better.

  2. BODY
    - If it tastes bad, it must be good for you, right?

  3. SOUL
    - That internal feeling that helps you deal with any situation.

    - If it's pleasing to the eye, that's a good thing.

    - Does it enhance, or pollute, the environment?.

    - Is it particularly useful?

These metrics form your overall scores for Happiness, and The Environment.

How Game Asset Scores Work

Check Out This Duck Pond Game Asset

On a personal level, it inspires your thoughts ( MIND), but sitting in front of it doesn't make you any healthier ( BODY), but it does make you feel content and relaxed ( SOUL). The average of these amounts is calculated, and rounded to the nearest single digit, and this forms the overall HAPPINESS SCORE.


Meanwhile, the pond also has an effect on your environment too. It looks great ( BEAUTY), is amazing for the local wildlife ( ENVIRONMENT), but, being a habitat for ducks, it's not particularly useful ( PRODUCTIVITY). The average of these amounts is calculated, and rounded to the nearest single digit, and this forms the overall ENVIRONMENT SCORE.


Game Assets Affect Your Happiness And Environment - Both Positively, And Negatively!

Metraverse Beginnings Is Being Internally Tested!

Development of Metraverse Beginnings is on schedule for a release in mid-2023. Here are a few app screenshots to whet your appetite! We will add more images in the near future.