FIXIUM and GPS tokens aren’t just used for staking and trading on the markets. They’re also used to purchase a ton of stuff in the METRASTORE, the dedicated Metraverse marketplace.

Buy Brixium & Mixium

Earning enough BIXIUM and MIXIUM to become a landowner can sometimes take a while. Purchasing them from the MetraStore can give people the kickstart they need to get things moving.

Buy & Sell Blueprints

3D modelers can sell their customized BLUEPRINTS to Metrapreneurs who can use them to customize the STRUCTURES on their land. And what's more, they receive 100% of the sale price!

Employ Citizens

As your Metraverse starts to generate more METRAPODS, you're gonna need some help collecting them all. So why not get some extra CITIZENS on the job? They'll love you for it!

Get Blinged Up

Unleash that inner BLINGIFICATION and treat yourself to that pair of jewel-encrusted underpants that you've always wanted and watch the amount of METRAPODS you generate skyrocket! Ooh, shiny!