Finding Metrapods

Metrapods are special augmented reality reward beacons’ that can be collected by visiting their locations on the game map. Metrapods contain six different types of reward, and you need to collect as many as you can, because each type serves a different purpose.


The more BLING you own, the more Metrapods are generated the first time you visit an area. There are loads of different types of BLING, ranging from clothes and jewelry, to cool accessories.


BRIXIUM is the clay-like element that is required for the initial creation of almost everything in the Metraverse. Unfortunately, it's extremely reactive with the air, meaning that BRIXIUM creations become weaker over time.


MIXIUM is a rare earth element that, when combined with BRIXIUM, stabilizes it. MIXIUM is much less common than BRIXIUM, but it's needed to keep your land and improvements generating Metrapods at the same rate.


Unemployed CITIZENS can often be found just hanging around because they don't really have much to do. But if you give them a job harvesting Metrapods, they'll love you for it!

NFT Shards

NFT SHARDS are the shattered pieces of real NFTs that have been scattered all over the world. Metrapreneurs compete against each other to collect them, and the first one to reach the required amount, wins the NFT.


Why own generic structures, when BLUEPRINTS can turn them into something truly unique. BLUEPRINTS are created by 3D designers, who are rewarded each time somebody places them on their land.