Land Deed NFTs

Once a piece of land has been stabilized with the addition of MIXIUM, it becomes permanent, and is issued as a Land Deed NFT which can be traded on markets like Opensea. In addition, landowners receive FIXIUM, the Metraverse Utility Token.

How Are Land Deed NFTs Created?

LAND DEEDS are issued when volatile BRIXIUM-based land has been stabilized with the addition of MIXIUM.

When LAND DEEDS are issued, the owner also receives FIXIUM, the Metraverse utility token that's used for a ton of stuff, including staking, and making purchases in the METRASTORE.

Stake Fixium To Enhance Land Deeds

When the Metrapreneur stabilizes their land, they are shown how many FIXIUM tokens they will receive, and at this point, they have a choice to make. Good things come to those who wait, and like a fine wine, a LAND DEED NFT that is staked with FIXIUM would generate more daily METRAPODS than a generic LAND DEED that did not have any staking applied.

On the downside, Staked LAND DEEDS cannot be sold, and FIXIUM cannot be used, until the staking contract has ended.

To stake, or not to stake? That is the question!