Latest Creative Commons Visions

can Your Local Area For Bixium And Other Rewards!

Latest Visions

Each of the 3D models that you see below has been created by a hugely talented 3D creator who released it under the Creative Commons Attribution License. Players can turn any Creative Commons Vision into a Dream by placing it into a Thought Bubble - and when that happens, the original creator is awarded with the Bixium that was used to create the Thought Bubble!

Because he releases his work under the Creative Commons Attributions license, others can use his work in their own projects, and placing it into Thought Bubbles creates Dreams - ready to be explored, improved, and generate their own rewards!

When this happens, the Bixium that was used to create the host Thought Bubble is awarded to the 3D Creator! There are thousands of talented creators who release stuff under CCA - type in a search term below, and tap into the world of Creative Commons!
* Bixar is one of many guest stars and alter egos that will soon be appearing in Me Traverse games!
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