Brewster Bubblesworth

Brewster Bubblesworth, the Bubbly Baron of Barley, fancies himself a brew of sophistication, always scoffing at the canned beers and making snide remarks about their lack of class. "Darling, I'm not just a drink, I'm an experience," he'd boast to the other beverages. At parties, while other beers got guzzled down with glee, Brewster would offer tips on the finest glassware and the correct pouring angle. When a human tried to drink him, he'd quip, "Excuse me, have you made a reservation?" Truly, life was a never-ending Oktoberfest for this frothy fellow!

  • Happiness:

  • 23
  • 45
  • 22
  • Environment:

  • 98
  • 56
  • 45

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