Keith is a funky zombie, who loves to disco! His signature move is the "Zombie Shuffle," which he performs whenever he hears a funky beat. One day, while Keith was shuffling down the street, and he came across a group of humans who were terrified of him. Not wanting to scare them, he broke out into a frenzied rendition of "Saturday Night Fever", but as he shimmied and shook, one of his arms suddenly fell off, followed by his head! The humans were shocked, but then they started laughing uncontrollably, and as Keith looked up at his twitching cadaver, he also joined in the merriment, after realizing that sometimes being a funky zombie had its drawbacks.

  • Happiness:

  • 23
  • 45
  • 22
  • Environment:

  • 98
  • 56
  • 45

Guest Star Stats

4 5 Laughing-Emoji-Emotion-Face-Expression-Feeling_3
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