Meadow of Eden

Once upon a time, there was a meadow of Eden so lush and green that even the cows had to wear sunglasses to graze there. The flowers were so fragrant that the bees stopped buzzing just to take a whiff, and the butterflies did acrobatics just for fun. The trees provided the perfect amount of shade for a nap, and the streams flowed so peacefully that even the fish were Zen masters. It was a place so perfect that even the snakes had taken up meditation to cope with their overwhelming contentment. In short, it was a paradise where even the devil himself would have trouble finding something to complain about.


Baseline stats for Dreams are calculated as follows:

1. The amount of Bixium used to inflate the host Thought Bubble (eg. 5,349).

2. This amount is randomly split between Mind, Body, Soul, Beauty, Ecology, and Productivity.

3. Happiness is the average of Mind, Body, and Soul, and Environment is the average of Beauty, Ecology, and Productivity.


Dream Stats

  • 23
  • 45
  • 22
  • 98
  • 56
  • 45
4 5 Laughing-Emoji-Emotion-Face-Expression-Feeling_3
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