Certified treasure map

Once upon a time, there was a treasure map that promised riches beyond one's wildest dreams. Excited by the prospect of unimaginable wealth, a group of adventurers set off on a perilous journey to find the treasure. After weeks of arduous travel, they finally arrived at the spot marked on the map, only to discover that the treasure was a crumpled up note that read, "Better luck next time, suckers!" Moral of the story? Never trust a treasure map that looks like it was drawn by a toddler.


Baseline stats for Dreams are calculated as follows:

1. The amount of Bixium used to inflate the host Thought Bubble (eg. 5,349).

2. This amount is randomly split between Mind, Body, Soul, Beauty, Ecology, and Productivity.

3. Happiness is the average of Mind, Body, and Soul, and Environment is the average of Beauty, Ecology, and Productivity.


Dream Stats

  • 23
  • 45
  • 22
  • 98
  • 56
  • 45
4 5 Laughing-Emoji-Emotion-Face-Expression-Feeling_3
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