Secret Encampment

A forest hide-away, so secret that even the trees didn't know about it. Rumor has it, that it's haunted by the ghost of a campfire guitar player, and whenever there is a full moon, the strains of an abortive attempt at 'Wonderwall' can be heard.


Baseline stats for Dreams are calculated as follows:

1. The amount of Bixium used to inflate the host Thought Bubble (eg. 5,349).

2. This amount is randomly split between Mind, Body, Soul, Beauty, Ecology, and Productivity.

3. Happiness is the average of Mind, Body, and Soul, and Environment is the average of Beauty, Ecology, and Productivity.


Dream Stats

  • 23
  • 45
  • 22
  • 98
  • 56
  • 45
4 5 Laughing-Emoji-Emotion-Face-Expression-Feeling_3
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