"Stories of imagination tend to upset those without one." ~Terry Pratchett

Share Your Dreams!

Share Your Dreams!

Dreams happen when the Thought Bubbles that you acquired in the Triffic App are filled with the imaginations of 3D Creators who have released work under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution license. It's a simple process that makes sure that creators are rewarded for their hard work, and the best part is that creators can even receive rewards without being initially aware of the Me Traverse project!

It's a place where where creativity and imagination runs wild, and people come together to share their Dreams!

The Imaginarium serves several purposes:

1. Buy cool stuff to enhance your dreams and earn more Bixium.

2. Sell stuff that you've acquired from playing Me Traverse games.

3. Find AMAZING work by artists who have released work under the terms of Creative Commons Attributions and turn them into playable Dream worlds.

Currently In Calibration Stage. Click For More Info!

There Are 93 imaginarium Game Assets

* Predicted base points are calculated by dividing the total number of shards found by everybody, by the number of winners, and will change as the stats are updated.
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