GPS Token Swap

While the GPS Chain powers our Triffic App, we understand that many GPS Holders will want to swap their tokens over to the Metraverse, and the great news is that unblacklisted accounts can swap 100% of their tokens!

So, What's Happening Exactly?

We've created a placeholder asset on our GPS chain called BRIXMIX (ID:15792602595154458296) that will be exchanged directly for BRIXIUM and MIXIUM in exactly the same proportions that are used in the Metraverse game to issue Land Deed NFTs (3 BRIXIUM to 1 MIXIUM). This means that somebody who swapped their GPS Tokens into 1,000,000 BRIXMIX would receive 750,000 BRIXIUM, and 250,000 MIXIUM, which would then be used for the issuance of LAND DEED NFTs. And because each NFT creates FIXIUM Tokens as well, everybody is going to get the best of both worlds!

More Info Coming Soon