At Long Last...

GPS Token Airdrop

Back in the heady days of mid-2019, we were still quite a few months away from the launch of our GPS Chain, and we made a promise to our users that in return for using the Triffic App, and supporting us over the years, they would receive a thank you gift of GPS Tokens!

16 January 2023 Was The Day!

It Began On 14 July, 2019

Ignis Snapshot

A 'snapshot' is a copy of the blockchain at a specific point in time. And on 14th July 2019, that's what we did with the Ignis blockchain at block height 818000.

Wallets are eligible for one GPS Token for every five Ignis Tokens held on that date!

Have You Levelled Up?

Triffic Requirements

We're not just giving away GPS Tokens willy-nilly. That would be silly! The GPS Token Airdrop is for Triffic Users who have reached level 2 for 'Traveller', 'Powerup', and 'Scavenger'!

GPS Tokens are for Triffic players who put their faith in our project at the beginning, and have supported our progress over the years, as we've grown from a small concept, to a virtual universe.

We want GPS Token holders to share the future success of the Triffic Metaverse!

Some Clarifications...

Airdrop Questions

The airdrop should be a simple process. Basically, anybody who has reached Level 2 in Triffic, will receive one GPS Token for every five Ignis Tokens that they held on the snapshot date of 14 July 2019.

You can see if you qualify for the airdrop by opening your Triffic App, and clicking on the balance at the top of the map screen.

After adding a new wallet, click the link.

After adding a new wallet, click the link.

The Ignis balance that you held on the date of the snapshot will be shown (if it's zero, then you unfortunately don't qualify). You will receive one GPS Token for every five Ignis Tokens, so in the above example, the user would receive 6,535.4 GPS Tokens.

You have until 15 January 2023 to get there! The level two requirement is to ensure that GPS Token recipients are active Triffic users.

They will be sent to the same account that had the Ignis balance at the time of the snapshot. We cannot send tokens to other accounts. If you no longer have access to the Ignis wallet in question, then your GPS Tokens will still be sent, as long as the account in question has been secured, and it's up to you to locate your passphrase!

Please note that all GPS Accounts must be secured before we can send Airdrop Tokens.

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