Fixium Tokens

FIXIUM is the ERC-20 token that’s used to facilitate various transactions in the Metraverse, including staking LAND DEED NFTs and purchasing assets from the METRASTORE.

How Are Fixium Tokens Minted?

Fixium Tokens can only be minted when new LAND DEED NFTs are created, and the generation formula is based on the amount of BRIXIUM and MIXIUM that has been allocated to each LAND DEED.

For example, a LAND DEED that covered a surface area of 1,000,000m² (1km²) would require 200,000 BRIXIUM and 66,666 MIXIUM to mint. When the two are added together, the total is 266,666. The amount of FIXIUM would be one fifth of this amount, in this case 53,333 FIXIUM.

Stake Fixium To Increase The Value Of Land Deeds

By agreeing to stake their FIXIUM when the LAND DEED NFT is about to be minted, the landowner can greatly, and permanently, increase its daily METRAPOD generation rate. Staking FIXIUM for six months gives a 50% increase, 12 months gives a 120% increase, and staking for 24 months gives a huge 300% increase. And of course, the landowner receives 100% of their FIXIUM back at the end of the staking period.

Stake Fixium To Create NFT Blueprints

Staking FIXIUM is also how 3D designers can create NFTs from their models. The amount of FIXIUM, and the duration of the staking time controls the daily METRAPOD Generation rate of a blueprint, and they can be bought and sold on Opensea.