Meet Bixar, He's A 3D Artist!

Bixar releases most of his work for free under a license called Creative Commons Attribution. This lets other people use it, FOR FREE AND FOR ANY PURPOSE, in their own stuff - as long as appropriate credit is given. Wanna see the amazing stuff that's been made available by talented artists like Bixer?


Each Time A Dreamscape Is Imagined, A Creator Gets Rewarded!

Metraverse is perhaps the first solution that rewards creators in an efficient way, and ensures that all intellectual property continues to stay with the 3D artist. And the best part is that the artist doesn't need to do anything. Here's how it works…

Open Your Mind…

Dreamscapes are created from the Thought Bubbles that are acquired in the Triffic App. Each unit of Bixium to adds 1m³ of volume to a Thought Bubble.

100% of this Bixium is reserved for 3D creators!

Let The Creativity Flow…

An empty thought bubble becomes a Dreamscape once it's been filled with a 3D model that's been made available under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

Dream A Little (Or A Big) Dream…

The Dreamscape is minted as a blockchain-based Metraverse Game Asset, containing all of the attributions required under the terms of the C.C.A. License. This means that while our players receive 100% ownership of their game asset, the original creator keeps 100% ownership of their designs.

The Creator Gets Rewarded!

The 3D artist is contacted via the details in the Creative Commons Attribution, and given six months to collect the Bixium that was originally used to create the empty thought bubble used to imagine the Dreamscape, so somebody who paid 5,000 Bixium would receive a Thought Bubble with a total volume of 5,000m³.

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