Employing Citizens

With chiseled resolve, and buttocks to match, CITIZENS work tirelessly on your land to harvest METRAPODS so you don’t have to. It takes the combined efforts of 100 CITIZENS to automatically harvest one daily METRAPOD, so you're going to need a constant supply!

Citizens Love To Work

You don't need to own land before you can find CITIZENS, as unemployed CITIZENS are often hanging about your local area, busy doing nothing. However, because they won't have anything to do until you become a landowner, they need to wait in Skid Row until they are called upon. Unfortunately, inhabitants of Skid Row get depressed, and tend to die after just three months, so save lives today, and employ them quickly!

As well as finding CITIZENS who are just loitering around, there are several other ways to collect the little guys too.

Residential Units

Landowners can ensure a constant supply of CITIZENS by building, and upgrading, RESIDENTIAL units.

Daily Login

Metrapreneurs receive four CITIZENS every day when they log into the app, and they can either collect them immediately, or leave them gestating, and see the amount double each day.


The quickest way to acquire CITIZENS is to purchase them via from the METRASTORE - but where's the fun in that? Who on earth would want to fully automate their METRAPOD harvesting, for a ridiculously low price? We ask you, WHO?