Can you imagine how boring the world would be if everything looked the same? Thankfully, that’s not a problem in the Metraverse, because 3D designers can create BLUEPRINTS, and get rewarded in several different ways.

3d creations, 4d thinking!

3D designers who traditionally sell their assets on various marketplaces know how much of a struggle it can be. They are competing with hundreds of other modelers, and when they do get a sale, it tends to be the exception, rather than the rule. The Metraverse is all about imagination, and 3D designers who create the coolest stuff get rewarded in three very cool ways!

NFT Blueprint

Designers can easily create NFTs from their models using an easy step-by-step guide, which uses FIXIUM staking to work out the daily METRAPOD Generation rate. Blueprint NFTs can easily be traded on Opensea.

Structure Blueprint

3D designers choose the type, and level of a STRUCTURE Blueprint (eg. Retail Level 5) and allow landowners to use them. Each time somebody harvests a structure, the creator receives exactly the same amount of BRIXIUM, MIXIUM, or CITIZENS too.

MetraStore Blueprint

Once again, 3D designers can choose the type, and level of a METRASTORE Blueprint (eg. Industrial Level 3) and allow landowners to purchase them with FIXIUM or GPS Tokens via the METRASTORE, and what's more, they get to keep 100% of the sale price too!