We're Making Sure Things Are Correct!

We're Hacking The Mainframe!!!

We're Hacking The Mainframe!!!

Hey Guys,

Team Me Traverse has spent a long time making sure that what we do is exciting, and something that people will enjoy. And for that to happen, we need to make sure that they trust what we do, and don't need to worry about the kind of rug-pulls and scams that are common in the Web3 world.

Therefore, we're spending the next few months tweaking our algorithms, and adding new features to different types of game asset, so that when it's time to issue our game assets on the blockchain, our players know that we've done everything we can to ensure a safe, secure, and enjoyable, playing environment.

So what does this mean for players?

Players can still play our games, and participate in our competitions as normal. The only difference is that your game assets will be issued in-app, rather than via the blockchain. During this time, owners of these assets may find that new, and unexpected features have been added.

Once we're happy that everything is ready to go, everybodys in-app game assets will be minted, and sent to their blockchain wallets, ready to be used in our games, or traded in the Imaginarium.

Thanks for your patience. We appreciate it!


Bixer, and Team Metraverse

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