Low-Fee Proof-of-Stake

GPS Chain

The GPS Chain is the utility blockchain behind the Triffic Metraverse, and you don't need to invest a penny of your own cash, because as long as you have fun playing our apps, you're gonna feel the benefit!

There are two parts to the GPS Chain - the GPS Token (GPS) cryptocurrency, and the blockchain-secured Game Assets that you acquire during your visits to the Triffic Metraverse.

All Transaction Fees Are In GPS Tokens Too!

There Are 1,000,000,000

GPS Tokens

Whenever your Bixium balance is over 10,000, you can convert them to GPS Tokens at the rate of 1:1 via the Triffic Journeys App or the upcoming Metraverse Beginnings App.

As well as being a fully fledged cryptocurrency that's currently being traded on Probit, and the Ardor Decentralized Exchange, GPS Tokens will also be used for various other elements in the Triffic Metraverse.

GPS Tokens Power The Economy Of The Entire Triffic Metraverse

A Real Utility Token

Use GPS Tokens To Do Cool Stuff!

Primarily, GPS Tokens are used to purchase Game Assets from the upcoming Game Asset Bazaar. And because each one has an overall effect on the gameplay, it means that purchasing the right Game Assets can significantly improve the rate at which you earn Bixium... which can be converted to GPS Tokens at the rate of 1:1.

In addition, GPS Tokens will soon allow business owners, service providers, brand builders, and anybody who wants to spread the word, to do so in a unique, and unobtrusive way that's guaranteed to pique people's interests!

The GPS Chain has been running since 2020!

Coming Soon

Blockchain-Secured Game Assets

Some people call them NFTs, but we prefer not to - and here's why!

Team Metraverse is primarily a games studio, and as such, blockchain technology is just one of many components we use in the Triffic Metraverse. THE GPS CHAIN SPECIFICALLY EXISTS TO POWER THE TRIFFIC METRAVERSE ECONOMY, and as such, we wish to disassociate ourselves with the world of pixellated punks and blasé baboons.

Each new Game Asset is minted only after its Shards have been won by players of the Triffic Journeys App. This means that each game asset is limited edition, and some become rarer than others. Minted Game Assets are then sent directly to the winners, when they can use them to upgrade their Homesteads in Metraverse Beginnings, or trade them on the Game Asset Bazaar.

Game Assets Must Be Won Via Triffic Journeys Before They Can Be Minted!

Introducing Jelurida, Creators Of Ardor...

The GPS Chain Is Built On Ardor Technology

Jelurida launched the Ardor blockchain on 1st January 2018, and since then, it's been running reliably in the background, without so much as a hiccup. The GPS Chain is one of the Ardor Child Chains, and as such, it benefits from Ardor's Proof-of-Stake technology that's both eco-friendly, and extremely low fee.

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