Hi, I'm Bixer, a balding man with a compensatory moustache of great bushiness…

I'm Also The Guy That Discovered Bixium!

I'm Also The Guy That Discovered Bixium!

Bixium is a shard-like element that has the amazing ability to shape itself into dreams and rewards, and it's what powers Me Traverse, a free-to-play, gaming ecosystem that takes place in both the real-world, and in your dreams - and what you do in one, affects the other. That's why it's called 'Me Traverse'!

In the beginning…

29 May - 04 Jun

Triffic Shard Contest Week 22

What better way to celebrate the beginning of summer, than with pizza in an idyllic secret encampment? Just watch out for vegetarian vampires though, because they can mistake pizza sauce, for blooooooood!

2780 Predicted Points
1 Winners So Far

Secret Encampment
445 Predicted Points
3 Winners So Far

Reheatza Pizza Oven
55 Predicted Points
7 Winners So Far

In the beginning…

…I was digging for turnips, when all of a sudden, my spade hit something hard. I remember thinking "That's not a goddamn turnip, it's some sort of brightly coloured shard!" So, my hands trembling with a combination of anticipation, and low blood sugar, I decided to keep on digging…

To my surprise, I found more of these things! It was like a treasure trove, but instead of gold, jewels, and turnips…

…it was full of these strange crystal shards!

I racked my brain for a valid explanation, but only two things were certain.

This needed more investigation…

…and I should probably put on some underpants!

Unfortunately, 20 minutes of frenzied Googling, revealed absolutely nothing…

…so I threw it away, and went to bed.

Next morning, I was rudely awoken by the trashman banging angrily on my door. Had I put my recycling out on the wrong week again?

I started to panic as I made my way downstairs.

I WASN'T EXPECTING THAT! Somehow, the shard had transformed into a giant bubble, festooning with an opalescent bukkake of unidentified miasma.

"You can't dispose of oversized items without a $3.50 surcharge!" he said angrily. So I renewed my research.

I soon discovered that these shards had the ability to turn dreams into reality…

…which initially meant a whole lot of turnips!

But as I learned to focus, my dreams became bigger…

…turnips became toadstools and trees. Trees became forests…

MY DREAMS BECAME REAL! Stored in my own personal Dreamscape, ready to revisit, explore, and improve…

… and now I help others do the same!

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