Triffic Metraverse

Bridging Reality And Imagination

In The Beginning...

A Seed Was Planted

Triffic Metraverse takes the original concept of Triffic and GPS Tokens to a whole new level. Embark on a rewarded journey that starts in your own reality, and transcends to fantasy lands that are created by your imagination.

In 2023, The Seed Will Sprout!

Let Your Imagination Write Your Story

Triffic Metraverse - or "Triffic, Me Traverse!" is two mobile games that are powered by a dedicated low-fee blockchain called the GPS Chain. Use the Triffic Journeys App to search the physical world for amazing rewards and resources, put them to work in the upcoming Metraverse Beginnings App, and even trade them on the upcoming Game Asset Bazaar!

Triffic Metraverse is open-ended, and the only rule is that you make it your own..